Come join participants from a variety of disciplines—students, industrial designers, engineers, developers and healthcare professionals—collaborate to ideate, iterate and innovate to solve a healthcare challenge. Healthcare knowledge is not necessary!


Teams will form to address these critical healthcare challenges:

  1. Enabling patient centered information exchange
  2. Creating interactive personal medical assistants

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$10,000 in prizes

1st Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

3rd Place Winner

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Teams are ideally formed of 5 people. Other team eligible team sizes are at the Organizers' discretion. 


You should be building a pitch and a product prototype, both to be zipped and uploaded to Devpost before 5pm on Sunday, October 7th.

How to enter

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applicants.


Christoph Thiem

Christoph Thiem
Head IT Business Partner, Bristol-Myers Squibb

George Johnston

George Johnston
IP Counsel, Gibbons P.C.

Mark Shelgosh

Mark Shelgosh
Senior Manager Solutions Architect, Philips

Nishant Panchal

Nishant Panchal
Co-Founder & CTO, Noteworth

Dr. Sid Ahuja

Dr. Sid Ahuja
Bell Labs Fellow

Rich Walker

Rich Walker
Executive Director, Analytics, Quest Diagnostics

Judging Criteria

  • Approach & Idea
    How viable is your solution and how well does it address the problem? Think market strategy, investors, feasibility, creativity etc.
  • Product - Technical
    Does your product have a demo? Show us! How well did you prototype your idea and how technically impressive is it?
  • Presentation
    Clear and appealing pitches are essential.
  • X Factor
    What makes your project extraordinary?
  • Product - Design
    How much effort and thought did you put into your design? UI + UX are key.

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